These frogs are named horned frogs because of the projections above their eyes. They have been known as pacman frogs after the arcade game where pacman gobbles up everything he comes across. And so can these frogs on a good day. One needs to take caution when feeding them because a healthy horned frog has a powerful jaw and can give you a nasty bite. They come in lots of colors, the more common is green, the albino shown above with his buddies is Raul and is an orange, cream and yellowish. They can be reddish like the one above on the left and is called an ornate. Because these frogs are so popular, they have been bred quite a lot and babies, if not given proper nutrition, can develop metabolic bone disease. These frogs are not very active frogs but prefer to burrow down or hide in caves and watch for prey which is why they are considered ambush frogs. They don't chase food as much as they wait for it to come to them so don't be surprised if your pacman doesn't chase after crickets.

Horned frogs like to hide in their caves, toad houses or under substrate. So, they need a soaking bowl and a toad house to hide in. They love night crawlers which is the best thing they could eat nutritionally. Dust crickets or worms with vitamins and Calcium with D3. When the weather is warm take your horned frog outside and let him bask in the sun and he'll get his vitamin D that way too. Just keep an eye on him so he doesn't burrow out of view or hop away to explore greener pastures.