They are tree frogs of course because they are quite capable of climbing with their suction cup toes, like all tree frogs, and these guys have big feet. But they are often found hiding on the ground in their cave, toad house or castle. They do consider themselves princes and princesses you know, like all frogs. They aren't very considerate and they often leave debris on their carpet but luckily when one carpet is in the laundry, I have a clean one all ready. These frogs are big tree frogs so they require sturdy sticks to climb on and a fairly good sized water bowl with de-chlorinated water.

​How can you resist a face like this?

Good friends.

A flower for my lady.

These frogs are prone to metabolic bone disease and fat deposits in their eyes from over feeding and fattening foods. About 4 to 6 Calcium with vitamin D3 sprinkled crickets once a week for an adult White's is quite enough, although they might disagree with you. A light for warmth and basking as well as to assimilate their food and maybe prevent being too fat is a good idea. They will need a screen too because without it, your White's tree frog could be exploring your home. With good care, a healthy White's tree frog can live about 20 years.

This is Limey and Dudley, best buddies. Always hanging out together. Unfortunately, these guys have left us for the big pond in the sky. But in their memory, 6 more whites are now residing in their tank. A couple are boys and they love to croak! And loudly too! They answer the vacuum cleaner, water running, garbage disposal and ice machine in the refrigerator. Sometimes, they croak just for fun. Some frogs like Pyxies and horned frogs don't share a tank well but White's tree frogs do as well as tomato frogs, fire bellies and tree frogs. They are very easy frogs to care for and tame for frogs. They will patiently sit on your shoulder...for a while anyway. Just be ready because they can decide to jump and go exploring before you know it. But in general they are docile and friendly (for a frog) and don't seem too fearful of humans. Which is why they make a good first frog pet. White's are named for the man who discovered them and as you can see they aren't white. Their color ranges from light green to dark and to brown. Probably a temperature thing.

Exercise is good for your frog just like for you.