The red eyed tree frogs are rarely awake during the day. In the rain forests, they are 50 feet up on the highest trees. They sleep with their eyes closed and their legs tucked in and resemble the leaf they are on. It isn't until they wake up that you see the beautiful colors which is why they are called the jewels of the rain forest. Try a red light on them at night to watch them play. During the day a basking light will give them warmth and is also good for the plants.

The green tree frog and the barking tree frog  are more diurnal and will eat, bathe and jump around during the day. Green tree frogs and barking tee frogs sound like small barking dogs which is why the barking tree frog is so named. The red eyes croak is more of a chirp. I have relied on my tree frogs to predict the weather and often they will croak incessantly when its going to rain.

Red eyed tree frogs, green tree frogs and barking tree frogs are very similar and like many other tree frogs. The name implies of course that these frogs live in trees which they do. They are also referred to as leaf frogs because more specifically, they sit and sleep on the leaves of the trees. So, these frogs need a high tank with lots of plants and despite their relatively small size, a larger tank would be ideal since they are very active jumping from plant to plant. Since tree frogs are generally found up on the higher leaves, what is on the bottom of their tank is of little concern to them because they are only down on the ground to soak and catch a cricket or two. Finding them is not easy because they hide on their leaves and blend in so well.

They usually come down at night to "bathe" in their "pond". Their bowl should be shallow and they will appreciate a rock to sit on. Often you will see the inhabitants gathered around the pond at night like a social gathering. The red eyes are particularly nocturnal and do their hunting at night looking for Calcium with vitamin D3 dusted small crickets. Their water should be de-chlorinated like for all frogs, and they will enjoy a misting occasionally. Spring water works well for the misting because it will not cause spotting on the glass of the tank. These frogs are not considerate of you and will leave their droppings every where so room service every day is of particular importance to these little guys. In between regular daily servicing of their tank, the tank should be stripped of everything including the frogs, no mean feat, and everything cleaned. That's why the simpler you make it, the easier it is to make sure your frogs have a clean habitat. Plants should be sturdy because even though these frogs are small, they wreak havoc on plants with their active lifestyles. Acrobatic green tree frogs and barking tree frogs will use a small bird swing to do gymnastics and sleep. Really. See below picture.