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Top of the heap.

A toad in hand.


These are wonderfully easy amphibians to care for and so much fun to watch! Unlike frogs, toads have warts behind their eyes and sometimes their skin is rougher but not always. The European green toad looks like he's wearing fatigues so of course they're known around here as the army guys. Their behavior is very like a frog. They love their water bowl and are in it frequently. Depending on the number of toads, they should be housed in appropriately sized tanks. They love to hide in their caves and pile on top of each other. They are voracious eaters so you have to be careful not to over feed them. But they are such fun  watching them eat its hard to resist giving them one more wax worm. They eat dusted crickets, red wigglers and wax worms, the latter which they love but can be fattening