Fire belly toads, so named because of their bright red bellies, are easy to care for. But they are really frogs, not toads. They enjoy a "pond" to bathe in and will be in and out of the water constantly. They eat small crickets dusted with vitamins and Calcium with D3 and occasionally a wax worm. These are very active amphibians and are always moving and croaking. Their croaks sound like little squeaks. At least a 10 gallon tank would give them a lot of room to move around but it depends on how many fire bellies there are. The more the merrier and a lot will require a bigger tank. A light and certainly a screen because these little guys like to climb up the walls of their tanks. They must think they're tree frogs. They should be housed separately from other species of frog since they might be toxic to other frogs. They are fun to watch!